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Professional Development

Leadership Coaching

Program Design

Professional Development
Professional Development


From single-day presentations to ongoing training throughout the school year, teachers find our sessions engaging and our training tools to be some of the most useful materials available anywhere. Contact us to find out how we can customize a workshop for your staff.


Our professional development sessions are:

  • Flexible – we customize each workshop to meet your needs and availability

  • Engaging – we employ best practices and active learning strategies

  • Productive – we help teachers create lessons and projects they can use with students

  • Personable – we don’t just present, we connect, coach, and support you after the session

Top 10 Workshop Requests
  1. Project-based learning – designing standards-based interdisciplinary projects

  2. The Nine Steps of Project Implementation

  3. Developing career-themed academy teams and programs

  4. Deeper learning through performance task design

  5. Work-based learning through project-based learning

  6. Implementing the graduate profile

  7. Using data to drive classroom instruction

  8. Supporting students to produce high-quality project work

  9. Effective team meetings

  10. Using PowerPoint like a Pro

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching


We get it. School leaders today are busy juggling multiple demands from all sides. Fortunately, you have an ally on your side. We have deep experience serving as thought partners and strategic coaches for district administrators, principals, and academy leaders.

Our specialty? Collaborating with leaders to cut through initiative overload by developing mental models, helpful tools, and strategic plans. Let’s chat about how we can help make you look good.


Leadership coaching areas of expertise:

  • Transformational coaching

  • Initiative alignment

  • Community of Practice development and facilitation

program design
Program Design


From creating dynamic new schools to helping career academies develop their work-based learning programs, we provide technical assistance on a wide range of relevant school design issues. And thanks to our broad network of expert partners in the field, if we can’t help you, we can probably point you to someone who can.


Program Design areas of expertise:

  • Whole-school and career academy design

  • Transforming instructional practice

  • Graduate profile development

  • Work-based learning

  • Community asset mapping

  • Employer partner engagement

  • Grading and assessment

We'd love to chat.

Send us an email and we'll happily set up a call to answer any questions.

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